Are you working on a remodel for a wall in your house? Does the wall have outlets?

A common remodeling project we see is adding a backsplash to your kitchen wall. Or maybe you have a tiling project for part of your home or office. All of these projects have outlets in the wall, and you want the surfaces to be even with the outlets.

Happily, we have the perfect solution for your outlet situation! You can use electrical outlet extender kits, also called outlet spacers, to align your outlets with the new surface.

Don’t worry, this is a relatively simple Do-It-Yourself ( ) project and we’ll show you how easy it is with our outlet extender kit.

Read on and we will tell you how to have a great remodeling outcome with our outlet extender kit, which we designed to be incredibly simple to use! We actually looked at other outlet extender kits and realized there was a big need for a simpler solution, and so we created Outlet Spacers.

Outlet Spacer Situation


Maybe you have already started tiling up a wall in your home and now you realize there are outlets in the wall. Thankfully, an electrical outlet extender like our outlet spacers for tile works wonderfully for any project involving outlets. There is relatively little work to do on your end to install them, unlike other electrical outlet extenders.

Electrical Outlet Extender Solution

That’s great you may think, but you may still be wondering exactly what an Outlet Spacer is. Simply defined, outlet spacers are electrical outlet extender kits that essentially provide a buffer between your faceplate and the outlet.

The electrical outlet extender provides the space so that the faceplate rests comfortably against your tiling. It’s common to find outlets and faceplates on remodeling jobs sunken into the tile because the owner or contractor didn’t use electrical outlet extenders to create an attractive even look.

Thankfully, this can be fixed and the awkward unfinished look avoided if you use an electrical outlet extender kit like Outlet Spacer.

After the funds and time you have invested doing the project yourself or buying the materials and having a contractor do it, you want to make sure you have these simple electrical outlet extender kit wonders that are the perfect compliment for newly tiled walls with outlets. You deserve it!

How to Measure

Remember to be very careful working with outlets and always turn the power off before working on them even if you think it’s a simple job. You can never be too safe with electricity!

Our electrical outlet spacers are easy to measure so you can get just the right length. Follow these instructions to get a good outcome on your remodeling project.

First, measure the distance from the outlet box and the furthest point on the surface of the wall with the material you added. Then add an additional ¼”  to that measurement.

That should give you the right length to allow the spacer to be compressed and tightly in place when you tighten the wall plate to the outlet box.

When you have your desired length, place your outlet spacers between the two screw holes and screw them tightly in place. Be sure to remove any extra wiggle room by tightening the outlet spacers securely in place.

Note that you may need to use longer screws if you are creating more distance using the outlet spacers. Our kits provide (12) 1.5-inch screws and (4) 2-inch screws.

The final step in the process is attaching the faceplate to your outlet. When you do this make sure to hide the edges of the larger screws properly.

That’s it! Remember to take your time and enjoy the process of remodeling your home, you’ve earned it. If we are able to help you achieve a great look with our simple tool we are happy. Rest assured that now your outlet situation is fixed resulting in a beautiful remodeling outcome!

Maybe you haven’t started your remodeling project but are in the process of planning. Even better! Congratulations! Let us be a part of your successful remodel.

We think our outlet spacers are pretty easy to use, but if you have any questions before buying our electrical outlet spacers for tile just feel free to reach out to us! We’d love to hear about your project and can assist you by providing helpful solutions on how to use the best electrical outlet extenders!