This information is offered to acquaint you with the many uses for ION Stabilized Oxygen. Although the product was developed for water purification, it has broad applications and uses which have been reported by some of my clients and clients of other health consultants who have experimented with the product. Please use this information at your discretion and good judgment. This information is for educational purposes and not intended to treat any physical condition or ailment.

Never put ION into juice that has lemon in it. It will nullify the ION. Any other juice is alright to use. Apple and Grape juice work well due to the higher concentration of sugar. The oxygen molecules attaches itself to the sugar which absorbs into the blood stream.

You cannot really overdose on ION since it is non-toxic. You can take more than is comfortable, which may give you diarrhea, and it will clean you out. When you get to this stage your body is letting you know you’ve taken “too much”. If this happens then cut back on the standard maintenance dosage until it stops. It’s not a good idea to ingest larger quantities of straight ION. Always take it in juice or dilute it with water. Using any type of minerals with ION is excellent. Even if ION freezes in low temperatures, it will not affect its usefulness when it thaws. Never store ION in direct sunlight or it will lose its shelf life. When ION is not stored in direct sunlight it has an indefinite shelf life.