Outlet Spacer is the best way to solve an outlet situation. Do you have a backsplash on your kitchen wall? Or, have some kind of tiling on another wall and you’re experiencing an issue with your outlet? Chances are your problem that can be solved in a fairly easy way. And that’s using outlet spacers for tile – this type of product can work wonders.

If you are up for a relatively simple DIY project, Awesome! you are in the right place. Read on and we will tell you how to fix your outlet problem With Outlet Spacers!

First off, if you put some tiling up on a wall in your home. But, never thought about the outlets that surround it. And, now stressed out about it. Don’t be! Outlet spacers for tile work wonderfully. There is relatively little work to do on your end to install them. Outlet spacers essentially provide a buffer between your faceplate and, the outlet. So the faceplate rests comfortably against your tiling. It’s common to find outlet and faceplates are sinking into the tile. And that makes it look awkward if you do not use an outlet spacer.

You have or will invest a good amount of money buying your tiling material and, potentially having it installed as well by a contractor, so you want everything in and around it to look nice as well.

Let me tell you outlet spacers are the perfect complement for wall tiling and outlets. Our outlet spacers are easy to measure so you can get just the right length. Simply measure the distance from the outlet box and, the furthest point on the surface of the wall from the material you just added. Then add an additional ¼”  to that measurement. That should give you the right length to allow the spacer to compress and, be firm when you tighten the wall plate back to the outlet box.

When you have the desired length needed, you simply place your outlet spacers between the two screw holes and screw it tightly in place. Keep note that you will likely need to use longer screws if you are creating more distance using outlet spacers. And here is the good thing that our kits provide (12) 1.5-inch screws and (4) 2-inch screws just encase if you need a longer screw. And the final thing is topping your outlet with a faceplate. Make sure to hide the edges of the larger screws properly.

Take your time, don’t get frustrated during the process, and enjoy your new, beautiful looking outlets.

Also, if you have any questions before buying your outlet spacers for tile just feel free to reach out to us, we always love to hear about your project and can assist you by providing helpful solutions!

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