Today, in this article, we are going through the topic ‘Using Electrical Outlet Extenders for Remodeling’ reading through the article will give you a perfect idea ‘how to use Electrical Outlet Extenders for Remodeling!

What are electrical outlet extenders?

They are also known as outlet spacers. In short, they help prevent recessed outlets. Recessed outlets can happen when you tile a wall or add materials that raise the surface of a wall that has outlets and you don’t raise the outlet surfaces to match the raised surface.

If you’re reading this and your remodeling project includes an altered wall or backsplash with wall sockets, and you are just getting started, you are in luck! We have the best electrical outlet extenders available.

Why are our electrical outlet extenders Best?

Our outlet box extenders are compatible with a range of materials. They work great for remodels or construction work that causes outlet boxes and switches to sit too far into the wall. These little outlet extenders are great for a backsplash, new tile, additional drywall, shiplap, siding, or any other material that creates additional space on the wall.

Sometimes when homeowners are planning a remodel for walls that have electrical outlets, they forget that the outlets will need to be raised to stay flush with the new surface. This can happen with kitchen backsplashes, altering a wall, or performing home improvement projects around electrical outlets. You’ve finished your project and it’s only then that you realize that the socket sits back half an inch or more from the raised surface.


Electrical outlet extenders or spacers can be added to a loose wall socket. This is highly recommended! You want the outlet cover to be flush with the raised wall so that it looks finished. Not only will it look better, but the outlets will also be safer. If electrical outlet extenders are not used to tighten the wall sockets, the pushing and pulling on the plug can loosen the wall socket, potentially creating wiring problems or sparks.

But how do you raise the outlets safely so that they are level with your backsplash?

🚧 How to Raise Outlets Safely  Using Electrical Outlet Spacers

First of all, whenever working on electrical outlets, we highly recommend that you turn off the power 🔌 to the area you are working on. This is to avoid anyone getting electrocuted. Knowing how to turn off the power to your house is a safety practice all families should learn.

To shut off the electrical power to your entire house, locate the main electrical panel (it pays to know where this is before you need it!) and flip the main circuit breakers at the top (usually a pair) to OFF.

Always shut off any individual circuits before turning off the main circuit breaker. This is because electricity running from a pole indirectly can cause a fire.

Of course, you’ll want to buy electrical outlet extenders first. At we are happy to offer inexpensive, high quality, well-designed outlet spacers (or extenders) that are simple to use and will last you a long time.

Unlike other electrical outlet spacers or extenders, our outlet spacers are designed to be simple to install and frustration-free. In fact, we researched common complaints about other spacers for electrical outlets and carefully crafted one of the best electrical outlet extender kits on the market. No tricky assembly like you might have seen in other videos or articles on the same topic; just measure, cut, and screw the outlet spacers into place. With fast and easy installation, our electrical box extender kit is second to none.

Now that you know what outlet box extenders are, here are the five steps to installing them to create a finished look for your newly remodeled surface.

Five Steps to Installing Outlet Extenders


   1. Measure the area for your outlet extenders or spacers


  2. Cut the outlet spacers to fit the wall socket or sockets


3. Add the spacer to the wall socket with the included screws


  4. Tighten the outlet receptacle


  5. Screw on the faceplate


And that’s all there is to it!

Maybe you don’t have a remodeling project that you are about to embark on. Instead, maybe you have some sunken plates from a previous remodel or poor design. Use our outlet box extender kit to fix up dodgy sunken plates or receptacle spacers that have been improperly installed. As outlined above, simply measure the space, cut the outlet spacer and use the extra-long outlet screws to hold the plate flush against the wall. That’s it!

We pride ourselves in making honest electric outlet extenders. If you don’t love your electrical outlet box extender kit, simply return your electrical outlet spacers and we’ll refund you. No-fuss, no tricks, no fine print; just incredible service for you and your remodeling project.